Tips for Effective Summer Lawn Care

Lawn care is not an easy task to accomplish, That’s why homeowners always have a hard time taking care of their lawns, Especially during summer.

In summer things will get really tough and it seems as if all the forces of the universe are plotting against your lawn, starting with the hot sun down to small bugs and a lot of people’s feet traces during family & friends reunions.

Throughout this article, we will help you to overcome the challenges you might face while taking care of your lawn in the summer season. So without further ado here are some tips to get your lawn in tip-top shape:

Lawn Mowing

knowing the right height to mow your lawn is key during the summer season, cutting only 1/3 of the grass blade is recommended.

A tall grass blade creates a shade that helps to avoid losing moisture from the soil during the heat and lets the grass blade get more sun making it healthier.

when mowing your lawn making sure to change the direction of the mowing helps to avoid having the grass blades lean toward one way, so alternating the direction when mowing helps to have a straight grass blade and a better-looking lawn.

Lawn Irrigation

watering the lawn during the summer season is an essential factor in taking care of your lawn, overwatering can damage the lawn and under watering can lead to dead patches.

when watering the lawn making sure to water it as early as possible helps the grass blades to better absorb the nutrients and water from the soil before the high heat of the day, the best time is between 4 am and 10 am.

lawn care experts recommend a 1 inch of water per week for optimum results. Usually to know how much water has been used the thumb rule is widely used.

Using a tin can is another option, for regions that have summer season rainfall using a rain gauge is essential to determine how much water to use in order to not overwater or underwater the lawn especially after rainfalls.

Fertilizing your Lawn

For better lawn care fertilization must be done all year around during spring and fall seasons.

During summer all lawn owners must just follow the health of their grass and if needed they must use fertilizers to better take care of the lawn, using organic fertilizers helps to better absorb the nutrients by the soil.

also when mowing leaving the clippings lie helps to naturally fertilize your lawn.

warm season grass types owners have to fertilize their lawns during the summer season, so checking for the best schedules of fertilization for each region is a must to get a better and healthier lawn.

Other things to remember

First, when mowing always remember to sharpen the mower blades so that no ragged grass blades are left when mowing.

Plus having a second blade sharp and ready helps to always be ready when mowing is needed, the thumb rule helps determine the number of uses for every blade (10 hours of use per blade).

Always inspect the lawn for insects and grubs and treat the grass as soon any indication of their presence is detected. Keeping track of your lawn health and using preventive measures so that no disease gets hold of the lawn.


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